This CFA program allows the public to have an intimate experience with pedigreed cats; up-close and personal.

Snoopy, CFA's first Ambassador Cat
Snoopy, CFA’s first Ambassador Cat

Our program started in 2010 as part of an Ambassador out-reach program with 10 specially trained cats that appeared at CFA cat shows, pet expos and other special events in the United States. Our very first CFA Ambassador Cat was from Deland, Florida and was a Sphynx cat called Snoopy.

We have grown since our beginnings and we presently have 30 cats of different breeds in the program.

Our cats are available to be petted and held at the events they attend. Their purpose is to educate the pubic about the different breeds of pedigreed cat and their personalities. Their owners are also happy to discuss the various breeds with you. They really are “Ambassadors” in every sense of the word.

Each breed in CFA is singularly different with different personalities. Our cats have been conditioned to reach out and let people know about them on a one-to-one basis. They are available to be seen and visited in our bright orange and white display areas at cat shows and events.


•  Do you know what a hairless cat feels like?
•  Or have you ever gazed into the deep blue eyes of of a cat, that was once worshipped in the temples of long ago?
•  And you ever meet the “Gentle Giant” of the cat world.
All of these breed and many more are part of the CFA Ambassador Cat Program.

When you attend your local cat show, ask if one of our Ambassador Cats is in attendance.  Looking for a cat show in your area?  Discover a CFA cat show via this link or this one. And do not forget to take the time to visit these wonderful felines when you are at your local CFA cat show. Our cats have specially designed trading cards for you to take home, to remember that special Ambassador Cat you visited at the show.

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