Do You Have the Right Stuff to be a CFA Ambassador Cat?

The CFA Ambassador Cats are expanding and looking for some great cats and some great people.  Of course it takes great dedication and hard work.  This is an opportunity for you to show the public your cat and your breed; and an opportunity to reach out to the public and share the joys of pedigreed cat ownership and to introduce the public to CFA.

Our cats provide a great service to our show-producing clubs by being in attendance, and allowing clubs to advertise their presence and invite the public to pet, hold and have the experience to learn about cats in general.  Clubs have learned the value of having our CFA Ambassador Cats in attendance and are inviting these cats to attend their shows.  Clubs have had great spectator feedback when CFA Ambassador Cats are in their show hall.  In many cases the attendance of our Ambassador Cat has helped bring extra spectators to our shows.

Our cats may appear at Pet Expos, education seminars and may be asked to be involved with our corporate sponsors by being in attendance in their area at shows and other CFA functions.

The CFA Ambassador Cat Program is the premier out-reach program for CFA.

CFA Ambassador Cat Requirements

  • The Ambassador Cat must be a CFA registered cat/kitten or a cat/kitten seeking CFA championship status.
  • The Ambassador Cat must be of a friendly nature and be willing to be petted and handled by the general public.
  • The Ambassador Cat handler must be knowledgeable about every aspect of feline care and grooming and be willing to devote time to greet the public and answer questions about cats and CFA.
  • The Ambassador Cat cannot be entered in any show in the championship, kitten or premiership class where it appears as an Ambassador Cat. *
  • The Ambassador Cat and its owner must commit to attend 10 shows within each12 month show season.
  • The Ambassador Cat must be displayed and presented in the Ambassador security shelter and display area.  No other cat other than the A-Cat can be benched in the area provided to the A-Cat by the club, unless the second cat is in training to be an A-Cat and the cat is not entered in the show. *
  • The Ambassador Cat must be willing to wear a harness or bandana.
  • The Ambassador Cat owner must be willing to report to the program director; shows attended and other information that may be needed.
  • The Ambassador Cat owner must be will to provide a professional high- resolution photo of the cat and be willing to let clubs use the photo in their show advertising.
  • The Ambassador Cat owner must submit information about their cat so we can produce media documents for advertising shows and the A-Cat program.  The documents would be trading cards and breed banners for use by the A-Cat at public events.  And PR documents for print, Internet and television advertising.
  • If the Ambassador Cat owner is going to clerk at a show a second person must be available to be with the A-Cat.  Agility clerks are exempt from this provision if the A-Cat is benched near the Agility ring.

                            *Unless the club requests that the cat be entered.

All CFA Ambassador Cats will receive an orange and white Ambassador Security Shelter and Display set-up with appropriate skirting and a carrier for the Cat.  All products are custom made by the Sturdi Products Company.

All CFA Ambassador Cats must provide their own bedding for inside of the security cage and on the display area.  A-cats must be responsible for the cleanliness of the security cage and the display area at all times.

Our program plans to produce custom Trading Cards for our Ambassador Cats to distribute to the spectators.  These cards will have a photo of your Ambassador Cat, breed description and information about your Cat and CFA information.

Do You Have the Right Stuff??

If you think you and your cat have the dedication to be part of this special program, we invite you to apply.  We will be choosing cats from every region and in some areas cats will be chosen because they live in areas that have many shows that are a drivable distance. We will limit the cats chosen to one, or possibly two, representative(s) per breed in order to show a diversity of cat breeds to the public.  Special concession will be given to breeds that are not presently in the program.

Download an CFA ACats Application form here